Flora VachezANALYTIC DESCRIPTION : analytic description of my work

My practice is multiple. I set my sketches in volume directly in the
exhibition space, and so, installations and sculptures can interact with
one another and with architecture.
My space layouts grow as drawings and paintings in the space.
Volume, color, light come to structure and transcend the place and
its architecture. An atypical and at the same time realistic universe
then emerges. The viewer is drawn toward an experience. He gets
through Alice’s mirror to enter an enchanted garden of nonsense. A
landscape filled with strange shapes, it becomes a suitable ground for
the viewer’s imagination, playing with his sight and leading astray his
At first, there is a whole set of sensations, an intuitive feeling of the
space that will lead me into weaving my web of narrative fragments. I
alter reality, by transforming it in order to create new spaces.
I transform one place using the simplicity of “poor materials”, “a
primitive state of matter”, drawing my inspiration from the Arte
Povera. I treat materials as the notes of a musical score responding
to each other and composing the place, pulling themselves out of the
space by their unusual use.
Whether natural or manufactured, materials such as cotton, fiber,
paper, canvas or wax, are diverted from their primary function. I do
that in order to reverse the way we see them. Thus, the tarp protecting
logs from the rainy weather becomes wave. Furthermore, I choose
these materials for their physical qualities and evocation properties.
They are exploited in my works in order to call out for and shake the
viewer’s senses and his relation to space. As Richard Tuttle says : «I
matter that the report on the surface sounds right.»
I also want my pieces to go beyond traditional «borders» (wall,
ceiling), and through the scene. In my installations, two realities are
in confrontation: the surrounding one and the one resulting of my
The hanging mode is reinvented for each work according to the
place it is settled in order to maintain specific connections between
architecture, volume, surface, body and even beyond. The works
become to own and penetrate all of the exhibition space and
its surroundings, blending the boundaries between reality and